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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Radish - What is it?

Hello Lovelies,

So in big response - and I mean (no joke) fifty private messages on my Wattpad page about it - I am here today to let you all know about Radish, what the app is and how you can use it. If you have any more questions, then let me know in the comments section or contact me using any of my social media. I'd be happy to help at the best of my ability. 

What is Radish?
In simple terms: it's a reading/writing app. Users (such as yourselves) will download the Radish app (currently it's only available on iOS, but is coming to Android in the summer), and you can browse loads and loads of fantastic authors novels. The difference with Radish is that the creators select the authors that are featured on the site. This means that you can be assured that the writing is quality over quantity of writers. Unlike Wattpad, their is a choice when uploading your novel to have the story set as Premium (which is what I have done) where the readers are able to use coins they have purchased (I believe 6 coins are £0.79, which is roughly over a dollar). These coins unlock chapters so you can read them.
So yes, this does mean that us authors are gaining literally the tiniest profit from our loyal readers purchasing our chapters. If you think about it this way: writers get known when their work is out there, and perspective publishers can see if a novel is worth publishing if people are already paying to read it.

How can I become a writer on the site?
I don't know all the ins and outs of how this happens, but I believe the creators are already sifting through a ton of suggestions, applications and other cool things like that and looking for unique writers to join their site. I think you may have to email the creators of Radish for this to happen, but I am unsure of the actual answer.

What does this mean for you?
This for me, is big. Like really big. I've always been super insecure about my writing. I have struggled with things academically when it comes to things that people may overlook as being a problem, i.e: my pen can't catch up with my brain. For me, this means that my writing, my inner ramblings and characters are being seen by someone. This to me means that somebody has seen something inside what I am writing that they think is worthy - which is ridiculously humbling and overwhelming at the same time.
Radish is giving me the opportunity to put my work out into a brand new platform where I can show my writing to others and possibly people pay for my chapters. I want people to be excited by what I'm writing, as if my chapter was a next episode of a TV show.

I want to support you, but I can't afford to.
That's fine! Honestly, I'm so totally cool with this. This is primarily the reason while I will always have Wattpad, so I can still share my work with others that can't pay for my work. I understand, I'm seventeen. I get it. I am just lucky enough to even have some of you who wouldn't mind spending a tiny bit of money on some coins for my chapters.
I love Wattpad for the reason that it is free. I won't stop posting (definitely not in the near future).

List some differences between Wattpad and Radish

  • Wattpad is free, parts of Radish are not.
  • Radish work is edited. This means what is being put out is gaurnteed to be of high standard. 
  • Radish only selects certain authors, so the writing you will find will be of all different genres and styles, but will be again, at a high standard.
  • You are supporting your favourite authors by using coins to purchase chapters. This is step further you can do for your favourite amatuer writers in order to encourage future publishing.
My story
My story is something that has been floating around my laptop for a while, and it's the Radish opportunity that has allowed me to develop it. Here is everything you need to know plus a teaser to the fourth and paid for chapter of the novel. (The first 3 CHAPTERS are free, the rest will need coins to unlock).

I have also made a trailer for the novel if you care to check it out, it's based loosely off of the type of actors I could see Aubrey and Alex looking like:

Teaser for chapter four:

The competition for FREE coins
I am going to be giving away to 10 people free coins to use on Radish. These coins can be used on any story. You can support mine, or switch between mine and someone else's or don't look at my novel at all. You can choose what you want! 

50 coins each for 10 people. I will pick the winners randomly and send off your usernames to the Radish creators to add it to your account. This means you need to download the app and actually make an account or you will not win the coins.
The way you enter is to follow this Rafflecopter link and enter in all the info asked for. I will be picking the ten winners in less than a month.

You must download the app, follow all the rules on the competition in order to win. 

Thanks guys!
Hollie xo

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