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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Unremembered by Jessica Brody [ r e v i e w ]

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Hi lovelies,

So I thought I would start a series where I would do some random book reviews to some novels I have enjoyed reading. The first one I am going to do is from the book that I have read most recently called Unremembered by the talented Jessica Brody.

The novel starts in mid action, a girl has supposedly been a part of a plane crash and she's the only survivor. She doesn't remember anything, (from who she is to what a supermarket is.) This becomes a problem for her when she is taken to a hospital and doctors constantly prod and poke at her to see if they can get anything out of her, or make her remember but they can't. But when a mysterious boy starts showing up wherever Violet/Sera is, there seems to be more to the story than what seems. Questions start arising and the ending left me utterly gobsmacked.

The books synopsis is here if you want a better summary.

So I went into this story blind, I didn't even look up any reviews. I didn't want to know anything about the novel. All I knew was that it was a science fiction/teen fic romance novel that people have either loved or hated. So as I began reading, I was amazed to see how thought out this book was. The plot line is incredibly detailed and the book has some really enticing turns. I read this book in one sitting, so I was clearly very indulged into the book. As this part of the review is going to be spoiler free, I want to finish with saying that the reasoning behind everything is so thought out and planned that is completely made sense. I was so amazed and shell shocked to find out some of the answers, that I found myself re-reading some pages to make sure I had got it right. The only problem I came across this book was that everything was paced very fast. The chapters were short and quick and the story moved a little too quickly.

If you are interested in buying the book, you can here.

[ s p o i l e r s ]

01: Oh my god, can we just take a moment to love Sera and Zen? They are seriously the definition of forbidden romance.
02: Maxxer is a girl? Eh, what? When she began explaining everything to Sera, I found myself clinging on to every word.
03: I really liked how Rio was actually good. I liked the fact that although he literally created her, he felt as if he was her father even though he wasn't. He had made someone so perfect and although through the duration of the book until the end I thought he was bad, I realize that Brody uses hints here and there to guess that he's not.
04: I really liked Cody, I thought he was hilarious and such a predictable thirteen year old.
05: I think the locket was a good symbolic representative of Zen and Sera's love. I thought the 1609 thing was really unique too.

Overall, I will give this book 4 stars out of 5. 

If you guys liked this review, tell me below or PM me with ideas on what to review next.

- Hollie xo

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Writing Basics FAQ

Hey there,

So, by request from, I am here to give you the ins and outs about writing, how, where, apps etc that help me write. I think this idea is great because it can (hopefully) give you all some insight to the basics of writing. I'm not an expert, this is just what I do/use.

The first question I got was where do I write and if I write in a notebook or laptop?
I suppose it depends on where I am/what I'm doing. Sometimes I get random bursts of inspiration and I type a paragraph or two on my phone. But mostly, I write on my laptop. I am someone who can't write a chapter is one sitting because I find it tedious and I just can't think. I start a chapter at the beginning of the week and I gradually leave the Word document up and write some paragraphs when I feel like it. However, recently, I have just been writing in massive bulks.
I hate writing in notebooks. I hate my handwriting generally, and my hand hurts because I write super fast. I plan in notebooks and refer to it all the time, but I hate writing things in it.

What apps do you use to write?
I don't use any apps, is there any apps?
All I use is word.

How do I edit my chapters?
I don't really. I only begin editing when I have finished the whole story. Wattpad is where I write my rough drafts. I will usually proof read the chapter, but I usually glance over paragraphs as I write.

How many hours does it take for you to write?
Eh, it depends on the book to be honest. I mean Neverland takes maybe an hour, because I sit here and make an outline of what I want to happen in the chapter, but because I leave my chapter up for a week for most other novels, it can range from something like half an hour to 3/4 hours.

Chapter Outline?
This is the basic thing I like to follow, this example is great:

Character Appearance? 
This is also another great example:

I really hoped this helped.
- Hollie