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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Writing Basics FAQ

Hey there,

So, by request from, I am here to give you the ins and outs about writing, how, where, apps etc that help me write. I think this idea is great because it can (hopefully) give you all some insight to the basics of writing. I'm not an expert, this is just what I do/use.

The first question I got was where do I write and if I write in a notebook or laptop?
I suppose it depends on where I am/what I'm doing. Sometimes I get random bursts of inspiration and I type a paragraph or two on my phone. But mostly, I write on my laptop. I am someone who can't write a chapter is one sitting because I find it tedious and I just can't think. I start a chapter at the beginning of the week and I gradually leave the Word document up and write some paragraphs when I feel like it. However, recently, I have just been writing in massive bulks.
I hate writing in notebooks. I hate my handwriting generally, and my hand hurts because I write super fast. I plan in notebooks and refer to it all the time, but I hate writing things in it.

What apps do you use to write?
I don't use any apps, is there any apps?
All I use is word.

How do I edit my chapters?
I don't really. I only begin editing when I have finished the whole story. Wattpad is where I write my rough drafts. I will usually proof read the chapter, but I usually glance over paragraphs as I write.

How many hours does it take for you to write?
Eh, it depends on the book to be honest. I mean Neverland takes maybe an hour, because I sit here and make an outline of what I want to happen in the chapter, but because I leave my chapter up for a week for most other novels, it can range from something like half an hour to 3/4 hours.

Chapter Outline?
This is the basic thing I like to follow, this example is great:

Character Appearance? 
This is also another great example:

I really hoped this helped.
- Hollie

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