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Sunday, 21 December 2014

City of Fallen Angels By Cassandra Clare [ r e v i e w ]

Hello lovelies,

I apologise for taking so long to update this blog. I have been all over the place recently and haven't had the time to write or do much in the terms of blogging. Nevertheless, I thought I'd switch it up a bit by reviewing the fourth book in Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series: City of Fallen Angels.

I started this book the beginning of this month and finished it in under two days. I always seem to tear through this authors novels as the story line is always so captive. I am sure most of you know the story line surrounding this series - whether you have read the books or have watched the movie, so I feel like I don't need to get into too much detail.

On goodreads, I have this book 4/5 stars as I feel like this book wasn't as interesting as the previous three, but still held some good moments. I feel the character development towards Simon was great. I love how the alternative chapters were in his point of view and how we got to explore his vampire side a little more. I found Clary a little irritating in this novel. I think this is because she spends far to much time pining after Jace and not taking more on with the action side of things.

I really liked how we got to learn some more history with the vampires and explore traditions and rules they have. What I would have liked to see more of is the werewolf side of things and other downworlders. I am intrigued for the fifth book and how Cassandra can elaborate more on some issues raised in this book.

Until next time,
Happy reading!

- Hollie x