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Saturday, 11 January 2014


frequently asked questions || holliehannah

Hey lovelies,

I am asked loads of questions daily asking me this, that and the other. So instead of having to repeat the same thing again, I am going to submit this post answering all your questions.

1 - Is your name actually Hollie Hannah?
Yes and no. My name is Hollie but Hannah has got nothing to do with my name. As much as I like to express myself, I want my personal details kept personal regarding my last name.

2 - Are you British?

3 - Favourite writers on Wattpad?
I have so many. Everyone I follow are my particular faves.

4 - Favourite published writers?
John Green, Nicholas Sparks, L.J Smith, Lauren Oliver, Stephaine Perkins, Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth. (2014)

5 - How does my story get views?
It doesn't just happen over night. You've got to be serious about what your writing and you need to work at it. Some of the most famous authors don't get famous at the click of their fingers. My suggestions is to write what you know. Develop your story ideas and make sure you have a unique plot. 
If you want to read more tips, click this link.

6 - What's your one biggest tip on writing Teen Fiction?
Clichè is common and pretty popular right now. But try and limit it to a certain point, (only have maybe one or two things) then it makes your writing better. Also, have a plot line that defines your story. We all like a good book but when we see the same thing written time and time again, it gets boring.

7 - Will you ever publish?
Maybe. I'm not sure if my writing is ready yet. I'm a perfectionist and I would need to thoroughly edit everything before I even contemplate it further.

8 - Do you have a boyfriend?

9 - Favourite character from BBV?
Damon! - he's adorbs. Unfourtantely though I've deleted the book, the reasoning behind it all is on a post here somewhere. But you can check out the new version of BBV renamed to Storm Clouds and Other Misconceptions (Damon is still there!)

10 - Does anyone know you write?
Well, my friends and family know I write, just not in Wattpad. I guess it's my thing and I'm not ready to share it with people yet.