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Who am I?

Hey there!

Hello there lovelies!
My name is Hollie or better known as my pen name of Hollie Hannah - it sort of has a ring to it, don't you think? I am known mostly from Wattpad, a writing site that allows people to share and read stories - where I have gained a total to date (30/11/15) 20, 560 followers with my novels hitting above 100k. 
My most known series was the Vibes series which contained the following novels: Bad Boy Vibes, Good Girl Vibes, Bad Girl Vibes and Good Boy Vibes - but this series has been revamped into a new novel called Storm Clouds and Other Misconceptions (bigger and better (hopefully)). The experience of have your novel gain a large number of reads in a short space of time was overwhelming to put it in the least, but I am very much directed in the way of how my books are written and not about the read count it gets. Therefore, in late 2014, I decided to delete all four of my novels and instead start afresh with the updated version. This was one of the best and hardest choices I have ever made in terms of my writing because although it meant all of my reads, votes and comments went (essentially) down the toilet, I wasn't motivated or swayed enough by this to keep the books that I wasn't even eighty percent happy with. Thus meaning that I have been given the chance to completely retell the story of two of my favourite characters. 
I am now starting to dabble in mystery and thriller, genres which are completely out of my romance/teen fiction comfort zone. This is a new challenge I wish to explore thoroughly through my novels Enigma and my co-written novel Melancholia. If you have any tips - I'd love to know!

Aside from writing, I am really into most other typical teenage things like makeup, fashion, Netflix (a massive yes) and I have a complete need to spend money all of the time on clothes (help). I am studying right now to become a primary school teacher, a dream of mine from the day I entered reception however many years ago. This course is keeping me busy, so balancing my free time between writing essays and getting down to writing another couple thousand words for my books can be quite tough, but I think I manage with a consistent three to five day average uploading schedule. 

Achievements or things I have done with other companies/businesses: 
Bad Boy Vibes achieved the 2013 Watty Award for Romance - On The Rise
Enigma has been partnered with the movies Unfriended and The Gallows.

Current Stats: (for all books. 30/11/15).
Followers: 20,600
Reading Count: 930, 424
Vote Count: 32,327

Thanks for reading :)
- Hollie xo

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