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Who am I?

Hey there!

Hello there lovelies!
My name is Hollie or better known as my pen name of Hollie Hannah - it sort of has a ring to it, don't you think? I am known mostly from Wattpad, a writing site that allows people to share and read stories - where I have gained a total to date (9/11/2017) 20,844 followers with my novels hitting reads above 100k. 
My most known series was the Vibes series which contained the following novels: Bad Boy Vibes, Good Girl Vibes, Bad Girl Vibes and Good Boy Vibes - but this series has been revamped into a new novel called Storm Clouds and Other Misconceptions (bigger and better (hopefully)). The experience of having your novel gain a large number of reads in a short space of time was overwhelming to put it in the least, but I am very much directed in the way of how my books are written and not about the read count it gets. Therefore, in late 2014, I decided to delete all four of my novels and instead start afresh with the updated version. This was one of the best and hardest choices I have ever made in terms of my writing. Although it meant all of my reads, votes and comments went (essentially) down the toilet, I wasn't motivated or swayed enough by this to keep the books that I wasn't even eighty percent happy with. Thus, meaning that I have been given the chance to completely retell the story of two of my favourite characters. 
I am now starting to dabble in mystery and thriller, genres which are completely out of my romance/teen fiction comfort zone. This is a new challenge I wish to explore thoroughly through my novel Enigma which is currently posted on the Radish Fiction app. If you have any tips - I'd love to know!

Aside from writing, I am really into most other typical teenage things like makeup, fashion, Netflix (a massive yes) and I have a complete need to spend money all of the time on clothes (help). I am currently on a gap year before I begin University to study to become a Primary School Teacher. It has been a dream of mine from the day I entered reception however many years ago. This year off is hopefully going to entail some exciting things, but also support me with my writing. 

Achievements or things I have done with other companies/businesses: 
Bad Boy Vibes achieved the 2013 Watty Award for Romance - On The Rise
Enigma (originally posted on Wattpad) had been partnered with the movies Unfriended and The Gallows.

Current Stats: On Wattpad (9/11/2017).
Followers: 20,844
Reading Count: 744, 636

Radish works differently through a payment method for each chapter from my reads. 

Thanks for reading :)
- Hollie xo

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