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Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Wattpad Pet Peeves.

Hey there,

So occasionally, okay, all the time, I come across something that makes me really irritated. I get annoyed at certain things and now it's coming to an extent where I want to share, I hope I am not the only one.

1. NUMBER ONE: When a writer puts at the end of the their blurb, read to find out! But I mean, what else are we going to do, eat the book? Fart on it? Can you not state the obvious please, of course we are going to 'read to find out'.

2. NUMBER TWO: When writers write their book in lower case because it's trending. No, stop before I blow your brains out. It's fine for everywhere else but when you are actually writing. WRITE IN SENTENCES/CAPITAL LETTERS AND IN NORMAL FORMAT. I don't care how good your synopsis is, but if you start writing like 'lucy plucked ellie from her barn, cuddling the dog to her chest as she smiled down at samatha, the mommy dog.' I'm just like, 'okay dead.'

3. NUMBER THREE: When you sit down to read a book and the first page is on the lines of, 'hello my name is sophie, I am seventeen with brown hair and green eyes. I live in london with my dog and my mum is a vet' sorry are we watching some theatre performance, a movie? Why, for dear lord are you introducing your character like that? Who even sits down and writes, 'hello my name is sophie...' I want to bang my head against a wall and cry, it's painful.

4. NUMBER FOUR: When writers put at the end of the synopsis, 'I'm shit at blurbs but the story is great I promise.' But how can you write a 200 page book and not manage to conjure up a four line blurb. Uh, u ok.

5. NUMBER FIVE: When readers post on stories, 'check out my story'. This is a personal pet peeve for me, but it really irritates me. Does my story have a sign saying, 'welcome aboard, don't forget to leave your story suggestion down below', no I think not. It's just one of those things that really tickle my nerves.

These are just some of my pet peeves, do you want anymore? What are your pet peeves?