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Thursday, 12 May 2016

April Wrap Up and May TBR


So exam season is upon me and A-levels are officially kicking me in all of the wrong places. I have managed to read some good books this month, though some have taken perseverance to read and I suppose this previous month, my reading slump officially started. I'd of like to have read more books - but don't I say that every month?
P.s: I know this wrap up is slightly late.

Never, Never Part Three by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher 
So, I really do have mixed feelings about this ending. On one hand, I love it. The characters made me laugh, love and cry and I felt like I connected to both sides of their writing. On the other hand, I felt like this whole thing was a bit of an uh. Like the ending was so far-fetched and a bit odd. I'm not sure it even fitted in with the story that much and it was kind of sprung on you randomly and out of the blue.

The characters I did like. Both were relatable and interesting and had different and noticeable dynamics which were easy to see. I felt that the secondary characters did have a purpose in this book and I'm glad they were consistent throughout. On the other hand, I did find this book cheesy. Like I had read it a thousand times. I'm not sure if this was the purpose, but it seemed like an over-romanticized rom-com at some points and I found myself cringing at the things some the characters said or thought.

LINK TO THE BOOK: click me

Carry on by Rainbow Rowell
I've always been a massive fan of Rainbow Rowell. I think the way she writes is so funny, interesting and grips me every single time. I loved Simon Snow's story in Fangirl and immediately wanted to ready this book after I found out that it existed. I must say I am impressed, I like the originality of it, although derived from Harry Potter and I think that the writing was humorous and worth the read.

Simon was such an interesting character. He was like nobody I have ever read before I really like how all of his personality wasn't just sprung on you on the first page. You really become to love Simon and his friends (Penny I heart you). I found Simon hilarious and enjoyed his chapters and thought he was such a good person. I really enjoyed Baz' chapters too. I thought he was such a dynamic character with a thousand different things to him, but I never once hated him throughout the book. I love, love, love Baz and Simon's relationship and how it grew and developed.

My only issue with the book, about half way through I got bored. Not because the story wasn't interesting enough, it just felt like a hundred page fillers until the exciting part happened where it could have been done in twenty. I felt the more it dragged, the more I was pushing myself to finish the book, however, I do think the ending is worth it.

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Davy Harwood in Transition by Tijan
So, this book is a sequel. The first book I loved, this one was a weird follow up. Like I felt half of the stuff didn't make sense and the new characters were very random and had little purpose to the story. It's not like me to dislike Tijan's writing, but this book felt rushed and weird like I couldn't find the right page or I was missing it. I don't know how to put it. I guess some sequels aren't the right sort of follow up.

I do like our main character, but I felt in this book she was slightly more whiny and boring and she didn't stand up for herself in the same respect she did in the previous books. I do like Roane as a character. He was interesting and fun.

I will be reading the third book, despite my opinions as the ending was left in a way that made me want to read more.

RATING OUT OF /5: 2-2.5
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May TBR:

Exactly the same as last months. I am half way through I'll Give You the Sun, so I am off to a good start! Find that TBR list here.

Happy Reading!

Hollie x