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Saturday, 3 January 2015

It Comes to an End - The Deletion of the Vibes Series

Quite recently I had thought of the many ways to explain this to you. I started off creating a video though the sound quality was awful - and well, I was wearing my pyjamas. So I thought about writing it down and explaining - though this seemed a little weird and not very emotional. But here I am - stuck with typing this onto my notes of my phone as I travel home on the train. I suppose this is going to have to do. It's all I've got right now.

I started writing on here over 3 years ago. I've recently turned seventeen and I was around my late thirteens into aged fourteen when I began writing BBV, and fifteen when I wrote he sequel. Typically, at the time I thought my writing was something worth talking about. I was proud of what I was doing back then. I liked how the story was unfolding and I liked how I was in control of my characters.

But I hate the story now. In fact now it makes me cringe and I honestly avoid looking at it when I scroll down my page. This isn't because I'm not proud of the 12+ million reads I've somehow seemed to have gathered over 3 YEARS, it's not over the lovely comments you have put. It's over self worth and knowing that this story is my worst work. I have improved as a writer so much. I believe in my writing now more than ever.

I know many of you followed me due to the popularity of Bad Boy Vibes. I know you must be angry, disappointed and sad to see me hating the story I wrote so many years ago and deciding to delete it. I understand that you might not want to be a fan of me anymore or you decide that my other stories aren't your cup of tea. But I'm not going to ask you to sick around. In fact I'm going to tell you to make your own judgements over the 'vibes' series, over my other stories and let you comprehend a decision independently.

Although I have deleted the story, I do not know if I will still carry on with the rewritten version posted. I suppose it's there to tell me that, yes Hollie - it's okay you deleted it but you can still complete me. I suppose it's alright in that sense that I'm happy with my decision and proud that I have finally built the courage to do it.

Bad Boy Vibes and Good Girl Vibes were my babies. But now I'm old enough to see that I don't need them anymore, I can live without this story.

Despite unpopular belief - I promise that in the long run, you will equally enjoy one of my other novels as you did with these two.
Please express your thoughts to me in the kindest way possible.

Much love, and good luck with your writing gorgeous,

Hollie x

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  1. i wish you would have kept bbv but all things have to come to a end and i'm still a hollie book reader and always will be